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About Us

Some of our original members have been singing with Songbirds for almost 15 years! The choir performed under many different names in the beginning, so you might have seen us perform "way back when". Here's a short piece of history for you...

Songbirds originated at an Adult Education Class in Singing in 2000. When the class finished, the conductor and ladies involved decided to form a choir to continue to enjoy themselves through singing. The choir continued under the name of Voices, run by James Lelean. In 2003, the choir split, but was soon reformed as Songbirds, rehearsing at Greenfields Church in Tilgate (Crawley, West Sussex).

In October 2005, the choir was handed over to a new conductor, Joanna Eames, and in 2008, Songbirds changed rehearsal day and so moved to St Mary's Church in Southgate (Crawley, West Sussex).

Since September 2008, Songbirds has had an influx of new members, and membership numbers increased from 8 to 48 in two years! There are currently around 40 singers 'on the books', with a core of around 30 members who attend the performances.

Songbirds have performed in a wide range of venues locally and further afield, including The Hawth in Crawley, Dorking Halls, The Assembly Hall in Worthing, The Woodville Theatre in Gravesend, The Scoop in London and various venues on the Isle of Wight, where we have an annual summer ‘tour’. Last year, we organised our first large community concert at The Hawth, performing Zimbe! with other local choirs and the composer, Alexander L’Estrange.  We have also performed in a large number of smaller venues, such as Ifield Barn Theatre, Gatwick Airport, County Mall, Horsham Bandstand, Pizza Express, and various Crawley churches and local nursing homes. Our furthest performance to date was when we hosted an exchange with a French choir and travelled to Abbeville, France to sing with them - a fantastic experience.

Most of all, the choir likes to perform for a good cause. In the past, we have performed for The Disabilities Trust and St Catherine's Hospice, and every year we choose three charities to support with fundraising. We organise an annual charity concert, usually held at Hazelwick School in October, at which we raise over £500 every year. We also accept donations for our performances and often take our charity buckets when performing at public venues.  Please see our charity pages for more information on this area.