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Charities 2018 - 2019

Songbirds love to bring music to the community and while they do this any monies raised are donated to Charity. Each year all members of Songbirds Choir are invited to nominate a Charity for the choir to support; votes are counted at our AGM to determine our Charities to support over the coming year.

Last year we supported Myeloma UK, The Brain Tumour Charity and East Park Riding for the Disabled.  We were very pleased to be able to donate £400 to each charity.

This year the members voted for: Crawley Open House and Carers Support West Sussex

Crawley Open House

Crawley Open House provides support and services for those suffering the effects of homelessness, unemployment, loneliness, discrimination, or other forms of social exclusion. Our support is available to anyone in need and aims to provide:

  • Hostel for homeless clients,
  • Day Centre offering a safe and welcoming place to access support, hot food and a listening ear.
  • Help and guidance with achieving financial well-being.
  • Support to achieve better physical and mental health.
  • Guidance on how to find and maintain secure and sustainable accommodation

2018 – The Year of the Building Project!

Crawley Open House has recently purchased what was the Indian takeaway opposite the hostel at Number 11 Stephenson Way. During 2018 they will be completely renovating it and creating a new reception area to deal with donations and to welcome those accessing the Local Assistance Network (formerly Crisis Loans). Behind this will be an area for life skills programmes and brand-new employability projects, starting with bike maintenance and furniture restoration. They estimate this will cost £300,000 and Songbirds are proud to be able to support this fantastic project.

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Carers Support West Sussex is an independent charity supporting some of the 89,000 family and friend carers living in West Sussex run Support Groups, a Carer Response Line, help carers access equipment to assist them in their caring role or provide funds so that carers can do something for themselves.  They can also help carers access counselling and call back services, wellbeing support and have teams in all the of the major hospitals in West Sussex, as well as East Surrey Hospital in Redhill.

With more than 90 members of staff and over 60 volunteers, as well as a dedicated team of Trustees, Carers Support is committed to ensuring carers are recognised and listened to. Carers save the UK economy more than £1 billion pounds to the West Sussex economy and more than £150 billion across England and Wales.

Their Vision is for all family and friends carers across West Sussex:

  • to be listened to and valued;
  • to have their rights and needs met;
  • to be given a strong voice in shaping carer support and services.

Songbirds hope to contribute significantly towards this wonderful Charity.